About VET@work

VET@work (1.9.2018 – 31.8.2021)

                                                                 VET@work (2018-1-FI01-KA202-047198) is an Erasmus+ KA2 funded

                                                                  project that aims to strengthen the collaboration between VET

                                                                 (Vocational Education and Training) and the labour market.

                                                                The aims of VET@work are to:

                                                                1.      Improve the collaboration between VET and work by

                                                                         developing an online Manual that contains of best practices of

                                                                         collaboration between VET and the labour market

                                                                2.      Develop models for how to implement new and innovative

                                                                         methods of providing VET education in collaboration with the

                                                                         labour market

                                                                3.       Share experience and best practices on how to establish a

                                                                          pedagogical collaboration between VET and the labour market.

                                                                4.       Develop electronic tools that will help other VET providers

                                                                          and employers to implement 12 different ways of collaborating                                                                             in vocational education and training


Expected results:

Within the VET@work project we will develop an online manual that consists of 12 different ways that VET can collaborate with the labour market. The manual will provide the users with practical advice and suggestions for how to implement the 12 different ways of collaboration. The aim with the manual is to:       

·         Strengthen the collaboration between the labour market and VET when it comes to the development of pedagogical ways of collaborating

·         Improve the possibility to educate in a way that helps

students develop the skills and competences they need to

succeed in working life

·         Make the transition from VET to working life smoother

·         Improve the quality of VET

·         Raise the awareness that there are many different

ways that VET providers and the labour market can



The project partners consists of both VET providers and

employers representing the labour market. The project

partners are:


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